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Item # 1031, Fall Protection Anchors

Gilco can help you develop a fall protection plan that fits your job, your personnel and site conditions. We carry a broad selection of the essential Fall Protection Equipment for safely working at heights.

Anchorage connectors are used to join the connecting device to the anchorage point
  • Beam Anchor
  • Cross Arm Strap
  • Beam Trolleys
Anchorage points must be capable of supporting 5000 lbs. per worker and must be high enough for a worker to avoid contact with the level below should a fall occur.

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Industries Served

Abatement Contractors
All Construction Trades

Drywall Contractors

Electrical Contractors

Environmental and Remediation Contractors

General Contractors

Glazing Contractors (Window and Glass)

Industrial Facilities

Insulation Contractors

Masonry Contractors

Painting Contractors

Restoration Contractors

Roofing Contractors

Steel Erection Contractors

Tile Contractors


Additional Information
Please remember that working at heights can be dangerous. The proper design and use of your fall arrest system is critical to your safety. This includes proper training of all personnel and regular inspection of your equipment for wear and damage.

Gilco offers a broad selection of the essential equipment for an effective Fall Protection System.


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